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Sophia tells her side of the Story…

by Sophia from her blog

When Jeremy got out of jail he left more then 20 “f-d up comments” on Mike Hashes my space comments area!

The Jeremy Steel Saga continues, Jeremy is a 100% responsible for his arrest 2 months ago. He would not stop yelling and acting crazy. So I called the cops. When the cops finally arrived. Jeremy tried so hard, to have me arrested, telling the cops that I was drunk and crazy and blah! blah! blah!

Jeremy made the mistake of telling the cops, “he made porn and was a famous porn star”. Which proof’s he’s the biggest “idiot” ever! So I told the cops the truth that he had hit me and I also told the cops that I had been drinking that night. The male officer didn’t like Jeremy. The cop’s asked me if Jeremy had a job? I said no, “he never work’s”. Which is true. I showed the cop’s the cut on my lip that Jeremy gave me. When he hit me. The cop’s took picture’s of my fat lip an cut. So this “dip-shit” sits there in handcuffs’s, trying to get the cop’s to arrest me. He really irritated the cop’s.

So the cop’s asked me what I wanted to do? Do you want us to arrest him? One of the police-officer’s asked me. The cop’s told me; “if they arrested him that he would leave me alone”. Jeremy wouldn’t stop harassing me and yelling at me during this incident . That’s also the main reason we started fighting because he would not “shut-up”. So the cop’s took him to jail where he spent 4 days and nights.
When Jeremy got out of jail. He couldn’t stop harassing me on Mike Hashes my-space. Jeremy thought it would be a good idea. To leave a lot of post’s on Mike hashes my space. I repeatedly asked Mike Hash, who is another “dip-shit”, to take the post’s down. When Mike Hash wouldn’t take the post’s down. I told him to “f-off”. Which is what anyone else in my position would have done.

When Jeremy couldn’t harass me on my space because Mike Hash kicked me off of his my space.  Jeremy had another brilliant idea. He started harassing me on Where he “re-posted” all his, lies and insults about me. From Mike Hashes my space and added new insults and lies in new posts on . He keep’s claiming he is innocent and trys to proof it, by posting the most “idiotic” post’s he can.

Cindy who runs ( has allowed this harassment. So Jeremy Steel got so many people to hate me. Threw his vicious posts. That people started egging Jeremy on to kill me. One of reader, the colonel commented, “you should have killed her when you had the chance and it’s not to late Jeremy. I will help you dig a 6ft deep grave. Then we can go and throw her body into it”. So as if this harassment wasn’t’ enough. This douche-bag! Decides that it would be a good idea to try to “cash-in-on” his b.s. He tried to get me to go on a judge Judy type show. Now get this! Jeremy posted on, that he was hopping that when I showed up on the show, that I would try to kick his ass, proofing that I’m the violent one? Plus he would get $300 just to show up and he was going to try to proof that I slandered him and for deformation of character and try to collect a $1000 by winning his case. (I’m laughing)

Because of his stress. I have had to quit my job and I have anxiety attacks and panic attacks because I don’t know what crazy person, is going to try to kill me because of something Jeremy Steel has said to craze’s . If Jeremy who “Lie’s”, “Cheats” and “Steel’s” want’s to sue someone. He should sue himself for having such a “big mouth”! I’m not the one who told the cops that “I’m a famous porn star”. Jeremy did this shit to himself! If he’s really pissed! He should pull a Rodney King and leave me alone. He really needs to stop trying to use me to make money!

Questions; Was I the arresting officer? Did I force him to tell the officer’s that he was a famous porn star? Was I the one that wouldn’t “shut-up”? Who had a busted lip? Who tried to send who to jail? Who was the one in handcuffs’s? Who was the one that went to jail?

If Jeremy Steel doesn’t like that fact that he went to jail. Then he should stop hitting women! Plus he might want to learn “how to shut-up”.

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