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Sophia Writes about Shelley Lubben & I Visiting Her Club -UPDATE

NL-Tuesday 4.20.10 I just talked to Shelley, she didn’t go to the club either.

NL-Sophia Writes about Shelley Lubben & I Visiting Her Club. The only problem with this story would be that I am in Florida and have never been to Sophia’s club in California. I guess the fact that I have never met Shelley Lubben could be another problem. Oh and I have never meet Sophia either. Otherwise this is probably a true story… LMAO.  Shelley? Were you really there? Sophia, how did you know it was me?

Sophia Mounds writes on her site

OK, guess who, was at the club last night? They blessed us with their appearance, or was it, more of a curse, that they showed their mugs at the club, that I work at?
Alright, alright, I can hardly contain myself, from laughing out loud, there was a group of 5, that walked in the door, that contained two of the most [loathed], and [least respected] in the porn world, have you guessed, who I’m talking about yet?
It’s no other than, Shelly no-have-any-boob-en’s, or Luben, and her notorious-side-kick Cindy Loftus, the notorious, fan-girl/hater, and sole owner, of, and some douche-bag porn producer — his name escapes’ me, because I like him, even less, than I like them.

They walked in with a washed-up, gagged out, drunk dancer, named Sharon, who was with her 20-something-year-old boy toy. Why oh why?
Meanwhile, my monthly started that night, and I was feeling like S-H-I-T! So, I was in a bad mood anyway […], after having a 20 something blond bimbo — who tried, to intimidate me, around the corner from my house, so I didn’t start out in the best of moods, for work that night.
We’re all, at the club I work at, I was sitting at the bar, making faces with some Indian guy, and we were trying to out do our expressions, to each-other, he always has the best, “as if” expression on his face, so I was copying his expressions, and we were cracking each other up. The bar tender was also in a bad mood […], so the mood in the room that night, was pretty thick.
Now, Shelly no-haven-any-boob-en’s, was sitting and talking to, Mr. Big shot porn producer — they where sitting right next to us, while we where having our face off contest. She kept looking at me, with awe and contempt? I couldn’t figure it out at first [???], because I had no idea who this bitch was?
These idiots, who came in with their broke back stripper, where making an already bad night, worse, for everybody. I’m a nice person, but I’m not a stupid person! So this fat-disgrace, walks by me, I’m trying to be nice, even though, I’m really not feeling good, and I said Hi Sharon, she walks by me, and gives me the: “I’m going to kill your whole family look.” Which was mean as hell, since, I was only trying to be nice to the bitch.

So, to calm myself down, because, I didn’t want to kick the shit out of this walking-mental-giant. I talked to my manager, who tells me, he has known this [visual nightmare], for over 15 years, and that she’ll warm up to me? He goes on to tell me, she has a problem, with the booze [???], really, and that she’s bi-polar, or something. Neither of which, I really cared about: “why should I?”
Anyway, her co-companions, or friends, weren’t tipping any of us, and really, pissing, all of the strippers off that night. I had the guy, that I had been making faces with, buy me dinner next door, and he also bought all my drinks […], he bought 3, I drank two, dumping one down the bathroom drain. Oh, and we were sitting there, eating M&M’s, my favorites. So the night, was a little bit more bearably, then it would have been, if he hadn’t done that, but it still continued to suck.

So, Sharon, who ain’t that hot anymore — was sticking her tongue down, Mr. 20 something’s throat all night […], which was grossing the bouncer, and all the strippers out.
And every-time, I got on stage, her son/man, kept checking me out, to the point, that I felt, like I was naked, and being molested, on stage by him — with all my clothes on. It was so bad […], I thought he was going to start jacking-off, in-front of me.
Anyway, the dude, I had been hanging out with, and making faces with, had pissed another of my co-worker’s off, and they where in the middle of a deep, and heated argument, about how, if he wanted her to talk to him, he’d have to start, tipping her $money$.
Well Shelly, no-have-en-any-boob-en’s, didn’t bring any of her target gift cards to give us that night, because besides giving me dirty looks, she forgot, or simply chose not to tip anyone. Wow, giving comes from the heart, and it looks like the chick who wants everyone to give, either does not have the money to tip, or doesn’t have a heart?
At this point, my last stage set came about, I went up, and Sharron’s son/man, was creeping me out, by trying to stare me onto another planet. So I walked off stage, in the middle of the second set, because one, I didn’t feel good, and two, because the guy, was really bugging me. Then, I went back up, and finished my set, and my friend tipped me, and then I had to tip another co-worker, so she’d get tipped. Because the so great, porn-people, couldn’t be bothered to tip anyone, or maybe they just couldn’t afford to?.
The nicest one, in that defunct-group, was Cindi, who looked about as drunk, as a church mouse, that had accidentally, fallen into a wine vat.
So finally, it was my time to go home, and I went into the dressing room, and I complained to my friends, saying: I really had no-idea what was wrong, with Mrs. not so hot, and that I wasn’t interested in her stupid man! Because the guy, that I hang out with, is a 100 times hotter than him. So, I didn’t, and couldn’t understand, why, she was making such a fool out of herself, in-front of everyone? My friends/co-workers, all said the same thing as the manager, and a little bit more.
After that, I got dressed, and hung out with the cook next door — I was waiting for my ride to arrive, and we’re talking, and he’s saying: he’s not found of her either. I then said, that first impressions are everything, if someone gives you a dirty look, right off the bat, that’s not something, that’s going to make you, want to talk to them.

He told me, I was right, and that that was a good call, at least it was with this chick named Sharon. Then Sharron’s man walks into the kitchen, where I’m sitting, and orders some food. I’m sitting there, and I started talking about, how I was in such a bad mood, because I had started my monthly, I then gave him the evil monkey finger, pointing at him and telling him: “stop pissing me off!”
While I was doing that, Mrs not so hot Sharron, ran into the bathroom, crying that: “you bitches are all talking about me, and there’s no money on stage, so I quit!” (WHA!)
I didn’t start jumping-up-and-down with joy, because, I just figured, she was drunk, and since she’s good friends with the manager, I also figured, I’d be seeing that one again, at some point. And, I really didn’t care about her, or her bullshit, I was tired from all the drama, that these queens had brought on themselves and in the club that night.

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