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Sophia’s Rambling- Now She Has Her own Thread

NL-This is written by Sophia Mounds/Lost Butterfly/Jade and is her opinion alone. I have removed the last names of people she mentions. I do not neccessarily agree with Jade says, but gave her this post so people could discuss the issues with her without destroying other threads. ( Good idea Sammy)

Reading is funda(mental) just like Jeremy… I said! Then you butted in Jeremy, and said I was accussing you? I said POONTALK.COM! Then you said I must be insane and yata, yata, yata, but I never accused you, I did acuse and said I might take legal action against POONTALK.COM (quilty much?)

I don’t even think I said you, but I did say the next time I see you, that I was going to take my shoes off, so I could shove your camera up your butt! Now what’s the real chances that I’d do that? LAME! Hey and fuck you and your silent picture blog site. Which no matter what you add to it: “it still SUCK’S!”

I did accuse you of harasement, and if you don’t think that comparing me to another insane person who’s more like you then anyone else isen’t herasement: then you must have no idea what an insult is? I worked hard for the Codex Code on my site that one of your cronies riped off from my site and pluged into yours!

No one else besides Mike , Chung your bestest friend and Ryan  would have a reason to F-me that way? Pluss the evidence is on your site and their’s! And with the way you started to defend yourself right away: “is a giant sign of quilt!” I allowed myspace links for Ryan and Mike , now if you know anything about comp’s you can get a sites I.P adress which can be used with spywear to get peoples passwords. But I never thought they’d stoop that low?

Now I know, it was either that or they got my I.P. adress when I loged on with my comp phone. Either way the same week and weekend that I linked them to my site, stuff started disapearing! One theme page after the other. And then I check Mikes myspace account! Guess what the text in his comments area of his myspace coments pictures wrap around his pics. Which was somthing that disapeared off my site!

And Ryan has the same colored backgrounds for his titles on each section title of his Xpeeps acount or myspace acount. Anyway all of these idiots are really stupid because they used spywear to hack my phone, the city wear mike lives came up. And because of all of the evidense on both their accounts and It was obvious who did it, and sinse the people at poontalk are freindly with Mike and Ryan, I wouldn’t see the problem with them giving the whole page of text I had been working on. Which totally sucks, because I had to cuss Mike out! And deleat their links off my site and Mikes myspace acount off my myspace: and I reported POONTALK too

But it really sucks because I was still sick from the antibiotics and was feeling weak, and I was so proude of acomplishing somthing that worked and was nice: I was happy with myself and the site. Then these idiots f-d up my whole site, because they’re nothing but a bunch of jelouse hater’s… It really hurt me! When I was trying to be nice to these a-holes, that they’d burn me, but that’s all they’ve ever done, is make fun of me, put me down, and tear me apart every single chance they could get… They laughed at me and made fun of me, threatened me with physical violence and legal suits! They’ve made my life a living HELL! I have spots on my legs from lupus which will kill me from all of this stress.

The only thing that I was really proude of, and felt good about they keep trying to distroy. Why? Because they want to distroy me, and make me as broken as they are… They are misreble people who are only happy when other people are more missreble then them. Pluss they could of gotten the text off of and not have tried distroying my work and site. I’m only human and what the people at, jeremy, Mike  and Ryan  have put me threw is cruel and calculated, and I believe that these people with their constant herasement for two years are attempting too make me have a nervouse breakdown or comit suicide!

Can you imagine hearing someone you loved more then the sky say; that your the bigest joke in the industry and that they never knew you. It’s not somthing you ever get over… And then when you finally try to be nice they just burn you anyway? See–no matter what I do for these people (if you can call them human because I can’t.) they will allways hate me… So I give up, and I’m tired of fighting with them and I’m tired of being herassed by them and I’m really, really tired of being hurt by these people and I want all of them to stay off my site and leave me alone. And I’m really sorry that I ever met any of them, an really wish that I never had!

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