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Sophia’s side of the Jeremy in Jail story

Sophia e-mails me- The truth about the arest of douch-bag Jeremy Steel. He wouldnt shut the fuck up… I didnt do anything to this fucking moron!


I told him the truth and I beged him to believe me. I cant take it back, I want to be free of this insanity cases herasement!

The cops wanted to arest him all I wanted was for him to leave me alone. But you know Jeremy he can never, ever leave people alone. I was drunk and he had been herrassing me jumping up and down and he was scarring the hell out of me so I called the cops and they came. Remember I was drunk and upset over the way that Ryan had texted me 30 evil message the day before… But you know how jeremy is… So the cops get there and of corse Jeremy wants to get me arrested. So he tells the cops that I tried to hit him, then he tells the cops that I had been

So I knew as drunk as I was that this mother fucker was trying to get me arrested. So I told the cops I had been drinking and that I worked in a bar… I was pisst this litle piss aunt had been treating me like a slave and was trying to have me arested. So I turned the table on his punk ass, I could have told the cops, no nothing happend.

 But I had just given him a week before 550 dollars and this douch bag was trying to have me arrested. So the cop asked me again what do you want us to do? We can arrest him so you can get your stuff out? And I said hell mother fucking yes, arest his bitch ass and thats what they did. Fuck his punk ass hes just pisst because it was him and not me that went to jail! And you allow him to rample his pathitic case.

Hes a wiesle, a loser a lier, a letch, a whimp a disgusting peace of filth, a waist of everyones time and a giant waist of space… So good for you and you know why I had you aressted? Because your ungratefull dick! Does that cover it for you . We wern’t datting I wasn’t your girlfriend I don’t owe you shit!

Jeremy Steele Is an educated moron! What did he think I stand by lose my place and 550 dollars, while he kicks me out on the street? Even the cops asked him if he planed on giving me back the 550 dollars on the rent? His anser was: ‘no’, he was a real prick while the cops were there.

And even when the cops had his ass in handcuffs and he was smilling and acting like he had won. He wouldn’t shut-up even the cop’s couldn’t stand him… The cops probably agreed with him to get him to shut up.. He sounds like a speeded up version of mrs. Grab tree…

When he went to jail, it was the first and only time I had experienced piece and calm while living there. I swear to god that man has the bigest mouth ever he never, ever, shuts up…

Theres a saying: do on to others as they would do on to you. And thats exactly what I did. TRUST ME I DO NOT MISS A MOMENT OF SLEEP OVER THAT WORM!

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