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Sophie Perez on Sophie Perez

Hello this is XXXXXXXXXXXX aka Sophie Perez.
I am not dead!!
This was a shared myspace with Lola Cait the girl who first got me into porn.
I dont know why or who posted those things on myspace!?!
But i dont appericate false information being put up about me.
So hears the scoop, I moved back to florida from La because I wanted to go back to school.
I attend Valencia. Brain has never has access to that myspace and nor do I have access.
I believe that this is a hoax to get back at me from Lola. She lefted brain and was angry
When i didnt want to join Her ( agency. I am very good friends with brain
He has helped me out alot and was the one who explained what had happen.
but anyways when i finsh school or on break might go work with Giirlzinc again.
Thank you so much
Sophie Perez

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