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Spank That ASS!

NL-Sometimes you just want to beat someone’s ass with a hairbrush! Here are some pics and some clips of someone doing just that. My Happy Wednesday present to you.  Clicky here only if over 18 & legal in ur area to view ( pics says VOD, click it for video)

The AnnaBelle Lee Stories 3
In Naughty AnnaBelle, AnnaBelle was nosing around in Chelsea’s room and found a stash of spanking magazines under Chelsea’s bed. AnnaBelle was so enthralled with the discovery, she brought one of them out to get a better look at it. That’s when Chelsea caught her.

In Well-Centered, AnnaBelle is paying the big bucks for private yoga instruction. But, when instructor Chelsea finds that her student isn’t trying hard enough, she finds it’s become necessary to apply some exterior, or rather, posterior motivation to her gluteus maximus.

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