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Spray on Clothes!

NL- Imagine the applications in the adult industry!

The original idea of spray-on fabric came from Manel Torres’ work in the fashion industry.

These photos capture the essence of science and fashion in collaboration. Fabrican spray-on fabric will liberate designers to create new and unique garments, offer a carrier technology for delivery of fragrance or even medical active substances, and allow the wearer to personalize their wardrobe in infinite combinations. New textures and material characteristics are a matter of adjusting chemistry. In addition to fashion, the technology is opening new vistas, offering sprayable material for any application requiring a fabric coating.  The technology opens new vistas for personalised fashion, allowing individual touches to be added to manufactured garments, or even impromptu alterations. Garments could incorporate fragrances, active substances, or conductive materials to interface with information technolgy.  After a decade of research, this futuristic vision is taking shape.

Fabrican is a rare achievement in transforming a dream to practical realization. Through combination of clever exploitation of people’s immediate fascination with the spray-on fabric, and Manel’s extraordinary ability to motivate multi-disciplinary collaboration, Fabrican has brought interest and worldwide media coverage.

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