Industry News Releases Non-Explicit Version of Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Invictus

Adult film director and founder of, Angie Rowntree announced today she has released a non-explicit, R-rated version of her latest film, Invictus, with the goal of driving widespread release to reach new audiences with this important message.

“Invictus is the first of my films in which I’ve touched on politics and issues that are important to me,” said Rowntree. ”In making available an R-rated version people can watch for free, my hope is that I can introduce Invictus to more people and encourage discussion about the extreme challenges and difficulties humanity could soon face, unless we get serious about addressing things like climate change, extreme nationalism and governmental corruption.”

An erotic foray into a dystopian near-future, Invictus is the story of scientist Jane Darling (played by Delirious Hunter) who is determined to combat the social and environmental decay into which the world has descended.

As she struggles to survive the wasteland which surrounds her and make it to the rendezvous point where she is to meet a former colleague, she encounters Paul Young (Joeydotrawr, Hunter’s husband in real life). Paul is a journalist who escaped the government’s crackdown on the independent press and has been in hiding ever since.

At first out of curiosity, then later as a devoted convert to her cause, Paul joins Jane on her quest to fight back against the forces which continue to tear the world apart.

I loved playing Jane Darling,” said Delirious Hunter. “The character of Jane that Angie created is a combination of soft yet badass, strong yet breakable. There are so many reasons why this film is important from political, environmental, social and civil issues. I’m proud and honored to have been part of this movie. and Angie are true visionaries in how they combine powerful storylines with the beautiful rawness of sex.”

“Jane is not a victim, not merely a survivor, but a fighter,” Hunter added.. “It’s important that women are represented as diverse and strong in their own right.”

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