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Stagliano Awarded For His Fight for Free Speech

NL- I can’t think of anyone who put up so much, and had so much to lose, that put his money, freedom and life on the line for this cause. This award is so well deserved. Too bad it doesn’t come with the 1/2 million John certainly spent on his defense.

From AVN read the whole story here clicky

LAS VEGAS—Adult industry veterans could be forgiven for thinking that after John Stagliano won the most high-profile obscenity case the Justice Department has brought in several years, he has no worlds left to conquer—but they’d be wrong. AVN intends to honor Stagliano with its prestigious Reuben Sturman Award, given each year to the adult industry member who has best exemplified the drive and commitment to the cause of free expression that Sturman himself championed during his entire career in the adult industry

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