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State Doesn’t Issue Agent Permits Based on Grammar & Spelling

After 3 months of backgrounds checks, Live Scan Fingerprint checks, contract approvals and posting bonds, final approval from the State of California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (aka Labor Commissioner) was given to De’Bella’s Talent and Modeling Agency.  Generation XXX Productions was granted license number TA 48985.

De’Bella is excited about finalizing management deals with the talent who have been contacting her for representation.  I wanted so bad to help the talent that had called me but I would not risk the prospect of loosing my license before it was even issued.  I had no idea the strict state licensing requirements for Talent Agency, Modeling and Talent Management Companies.  

Generation XXX Productions will dedicate itself to providing a professional environment for the talent.  In that effort Generation XXX Productions has completed several benefit plans for the talent they represent.  Medical, Dental, and Life insurance programs will be made available. Affordable attorney services, financial planning and other discounted programs that will benefit the talent personal needs will be available as well.

Generation XXX Productions website,, will be functional this week.  According to De’Bella the main hold up in launching the website was the license number.  One of the many State requirements is that your license number has to be on all of you websites or basically anything with your name on it.

Generation XXX Productions can be reached by calling De’Bella directly at 818-825-5462 or [email protected]

Is there really a large void in porn that can only be filled by another agency? How long will the insurance and attorney services stay afloat?

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