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Stefani Morgan Returns

She posts April 23 on her MySpace:

i am back with vivid. i’m not ready to go into detail. much of it is far too personal. i know this decision is going to hurt and/or upset some people in my life, but those who really matter will love me regardless. that’s why i love them so much in return ? …and to be honest, i don’t really feel the need to explain myself. and that’s a good feeling to have. however, i will give my two cents for the day…ladies, don’t ever let a man tell you you are anything less than beautiful inside out.

i’m still going to school to finish my bachelor’s. there are 24 hours in one day, and i plan to take full advantage.

On January 19, she posted on MySpace:

I left the adult business today. (Well kinda sorta…my contract is kinda on “pause” so I can go back if I wish in the future).I always said I would never do it a long time, it just came to an end a little sooner than originally planned. There are several reasons that led to this decision, as it was thought about for a long while. A large handful of you witnessed a few things first hand that led to this, and I thank you for being there for me. I had the opportunity to wash my hands in all the bullshit I put up with this past year, and walk away….well, I’m running, really haha. I actually made up my mind early December, but decided to wait until after AVN. People are going to talk, everyone thinks they know why. Then again, most people are oblivious to most things around them. I’m sure in the future I will finally go into my psychobabble, and tell all. However, right now, it will make some people upset, maybe hurt a few, and I’m not ready for that quite yet.



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