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Stefani Morgan’s Chaste

My Stefani Morgan profile with pictures and video.

She posts on ADT: “i am still horny as can be. i’m just not social these days.”

“i am a firm believer in recycling the men in my life. nothing really sounds too appealing though lately…needless to say, i’ve developed a close bond with my vibrator lately.”

Derek117 writes: “Stefani, Today Luke put up photos from some event–several of which are of you. Even though Luke can be a terrible photographer (lighting & angles), your photos are beautiful. Until seeing these pics I had my doubts about auburn hair (I love your blonde look)–but now I’m a believer. Wow!”

Stefani responds: “aw thank you! lol i’m not sure…i’ve noticed luke loves to shoot me as i’m talking, and i’m quite animated…so, i can look even crazier than i really am ? i ended up leaving shortly after i arrived, i had anxiety which was followed by the worse migraine i’ve had last night….but at least you guys have new pics! xo”

FBB posts:

I had never gone to Luke’s page before, but had to this time. The new shots of you are really spectacular. I love that hair color anyway, but on you, with your skin and your blue blue eyes, you are heartbreakingly beautiful. If I saw those shots not knowing who you were, I certainly would not think porn star – I would think that this woman is beyond perfect. To then know that you are so horny and like having sex while we watch – what could be better? There were some older pictures of you, from 2006, with the blonde look – there were some shots with you and some other porn girls, including some very good looking ones (Lacie especially) – the other girls have the porn girl look, kinda over-made-up and a little too showy – and then there is this incredible vision with them, who looks out of place because she is so naturally beautiful and radiant.

I am gushing a bit, but I was looking at these new shots, trying to put my finger on what makes you so special – and it really is that I don’t need to know that you do porn, or even nudes – I would be stunned by those pictures if they showed up in in a portfolio from a society event, or in the people section of a magazine. Of course, then I would have to find everything about you (like I do with Marisa Miller, Mary-Louise Parker, and Liz Phair) – and would be even more stunned to find pictures of you sucking and fucking with that same smile and those same sparkling blue eyes. You really are special, in or out of porn.

I also noticed that Luke has posted a lot of your comments here – so I guess Vivid must also have seen them. Maybe they will treat you better, or let you go.

Derek posts: “The “corporate payback” move on Vivid’s part would be to put Stefani in shitty productions, with shitty co-stars, that will damage her career. Even after she leaves. Which, given her feelings expressed here, is certain to happen as soon as Stefani can. Bottom line: Unless they make-up I have very low expectations of any future Stefani sexvids from Vivid.”

Stefani responds: “you are caption of my cheer squad fbb lol i can definitely see that happening, but to be honest…if that were the case, and it was the worst it could be, then i’m just leave porn. besides, there are a million things that i’m great at. i’m a whore even with the cameras off…so i’d still be happy. and in all honesty, this business can be rough, it definitely takes more than it gives. that is why i’m doing things outside of porn cause it’s not gonig to last forever.”

Stefani posts: “i have no idea what’s going on with vivid. i’m pretty sure they are trying to avoid me.”

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