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Stephanie Cane Interview

We had a chat on the Penthouse set June 13. Video.

Tired from her scene with Steve St. Croix, Stephanie, 20, tells me she entered porn February 7.

Regarding porn, Stephanie says she “loves the sex and hates waking up early. I like to get up about one in the afternoon. Instead it’s eight or nine and stuff.”

Luke: “What prompted you to get into Adult?”

Stephanie: “It seemd fun. Better than working at a tanning salon.”

Luke: “What’s your earliest memory?”

Stephanie: “Going to school and having fun with my friends.”

In high school in Orange County, Stephanie (who lost her virginity in ninth grade at age 15) hung out with the bad crowd. “I was the bad girl. Not so much the slut, but the bad girl who ditched school all the time.”

In her spare time, Stephanie likes to go snowboarding and chill with her friends. “I’d like to do porn for quite a while and be a billionaire.”

“It’s hard to get a boyfriend because they don’t want you do to porn. The boyfriend I did have dumped me because I did porn. Basically, the whole time you do porn, you’re single.”

Luke: “Did you lose any other friends?”

Stephanie: “No. My friends decided they wanted to do porn with me, like Kelly Skyler and Scarlet Pain. There are plenty more coming out soon. I’ve got the pimp hand.”

Luke: “How would your best friends describe you?”

Stephanie: “Funny. Outgoing. Truthful. Helpful. Supporting. I’m always there for them.”

Luke: “What makes you happy?”

Stephanie: “Money makes me happy. My family. Going out to dinner, clubbing, shopping, diamonds.”

“My sister doesn’t know [she does porn]. My dad doesn’t know. My mom knows. She supports me.”

“I go to cosmetology school on the weekends. I plan to become a make-up artist for the studios, like gory, cut-open dead make-up. My step-dad does special effects. I’m used to bloody gory blowing up things…”

Luke: “What qualities attract you in a man?”

Stephanie: “He has to be skinny and dying sick-looking. I don’t like muscely, tanned buff guys.”

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