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Stephanie Swift- Bald & Beautiful

Cindi Loftus writes- Stephanie can pull off bald. She is so beautiful that the missing hair doesn’t detract from her striking smile. But face it, this isn’t how we want to see Steph. We want her healthy, hairy and cancer free. She has gone through so much in the past months, that the support of her friends and her fans really keeps her going. This picture is from the and they have pictures of the whole benefit that was held for Steph last week. Here’s the link to their story

Although Stephanie is keeping up a positive attitude, the fact that she can’t work and has all these medical bills piling up certainly cause her stresses that she doesn’t need.

If you would like to help her out financially here is how to do it-
you can donate here-
Make check or money order out to  Heidi Clark (It’s Stephanie’s mom)
c/o Stephanie Swift Cancer Fund
P.O. Box 9864

Canoga Park, CA 91309

If you want  to help her out emotionally
by leaving her a message of support you can do that here-
If you want to support breast cancer research
you can support jessica drake as she does the walk for cancer
in honor of Stephanie.
Read more about that here-

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