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Steve Hill/Driver Still at Large- more info

One of the problems I had in the beginging of this case was matching up stories to confirm then because there was ( and still is) a lot of incorrect information being reported.

To correct a few things, Hill’s full name is Stephen Clancy HIll. He is 34 years old. He was asked to move out of the Ultima warehouse, and was losing his job there. That is probably the reason that he flew off in a rage and grabbed the machete (also being described as a samarai sword)

Hill is approximately six feet tall, and the news wire describes him as a black man. While I don’t know his nationality, just by his looks I would think he was Latino.

Steve’s movies were mainly fetish scenes like those involving  groups or femdom. Here are the titles from

10 Man Cum Slam 23
Kick Ass Pictures
10 Man MILF Cum Slam
Kick Ass Pictures
5 Guy Cream Pie 29
Kick Ass Pictures
5 Guy MILF Cream Pie
Kick Ass Pictures

Brutal Femdom Cuckholding
Tru Filth

Chubby MILTF Bobbing For Black Dick
Totally Tasteless Video
Cuckold Abuse and Femdom Humiliation 1
Ultima Entertainment
Cuckold Abuse And Femdom Humiliation 2
Ultima Entertainment
Cum Fart Tsunami 2
Robert Hill Releasing
Don’t Waste It Taste It 2
Vouyer Media

Epic Hardcore Femdom Cuckolding 1
Ultima Entertainment

G For Gianna
Evil Angel

Home Made Couples 2
Home Made
Mope Squad 2
Vouyer Media

Palin Erection 2008
Brookland Brothers
She Is Half My Age 5
Brandon Iron Productions
Tea Baggin’ Party
Robert Hill Releasing

World’s Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold
Kick Ass Pictures

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