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Steve Hill Falls/Jumps off Cliff

photo taken by @seo_kiwi seconds before Hill is shot (rubber bullets?)  and plunges off cliff.

I’m talking to Fox 11 News reporter Gigi Graciette on twitter who says- ” Porn actor – murder suspect just fell or jumped of cliff as SWAT in!! Porn star Driver is still alive. Paramedics rushing in after he fell or jumped off. SWAT over him now! We heard shot as porn star murder suspect was tased. He then fell or jumped off cliff. Paramedics attending to him now. Bloodied + critical porn star murder suspect Steve Driver to hospital. I saw paramedics using BVM, basically a manual respirator, on porn star-murder suspect Steve Driver. He did not look good. Paramedics putting a bloodied Steve Driver in amb as they continue manual respirator. Sources telling me Driver was NOT breathing on his own after 50 foot fall. Waiting for official word but not looking good.”


WEST HILLS, Calif. (KABC) — Investigators say an adult-film actor who allegedly killed a co-worker with a sword and slashed others Tuesday was in a police standoff near a home on the 8800 block of Azul Drive in West Hills Saturday. At approximately 5:30 p.m., police attempted to end the standoff. They surrounded the suspect in close proximity as he turned around and attempted to jump. At least one officer fired a Taser gun at Hill as he went over the edge. The suspect was immediately detained. His condition was not released.

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