Still More on the Alexa Rae Interview:

Richard Freeman Publisher of Batteries Not Included and Obviously Nautically challenged Writes:

Dear Cap’n,
Alexa interview definitely goes into BNI… though considering your frequent disasters at sea, she might want to think again about going out in your bass

Well Dick, “This Side Up” is 30 feet long, over 10 feet across and the bow is over ten feet above the water and boasts 2, 200 HP Engines, it is designed for kind of wear and tear that the ocean can put on a boat and on a body. A Bass Boat on the other hand is designed to get drunken Redman chewing rednecks across calm water at breakneck speeds. Lets face it, you fuck up on Lake Lanier swiming to shore is pretty easy, even drunk…You fuck up 30 miles out at sea and your life is in serious danger, you aint gonna swim to shore. You lose sight of land you better know how to read a compass and vector wind and water currents…make a mistake and head the wrong direction and you run out of gas 250 miles into the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Good luck getting AAA there. But I digress.

And From Dave Cumming, a Great American:

I find the below contribution by Robert Lombard to be extremely valuable for ALL of us, whether or not we’re personally in recovery or coping/enjoying/etc life. His wisdom and sharing comments are indeed useful in so much of what we do/say/feel/practice/etc. It’s nice to see such a positive outlook on life. Thanks Robert for your comments, AND for being a true gentleman in our Industry!!



And From Lisa and Alexa:

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you for the good press and we appreciate you being true to our words. We truly appreciate you shedding light on both of our feelings and situations! Trust is very important to me. If there is anything we can ever do for you please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, thank you,
thank you.


Lisa & Alexa

This is What it Sounds Like When Tim Case Sucks Up:


“I think you are a sex symbol. In fact, I only wanted to see the movie because I knew YOU were doing the fucking. Women watch these movies to, and in my case, I dont watch them to see the women.”

This woman is obviously disturbed and needs to be under the constant care of mental health professionals. I’m betting it’s Jolee from “Condederate Cuties #5” (Avalon).

Can you run this gratuitous picture of Fifi? Our KSEX show starts on June 2 and I’d like to include a phone call to you as a regular part of the show, if you’re interested.

possible caption for photo “Felicia can’t figure out why the guys at the gym always offer to spot for her.”

Love ya

Tim Case

Hmmm I dunno…a regular part of the show? I don’t have many opinions really…LOL Of course I will do it. And here’s the love of Tim Case’s life, whom I have carnal knowledge of.

Oh and I have a better caption…Fifi says “This is tha damndest Motorcycle I have ever seen, it ain’t got no wheels and damn if I can find the kick starter.”

Fuck Maynard

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