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Stoney Curtis Vs. Angel Rain

Stoney Curtis posts on

I have not posted on my own site here for quite awhile but after todays HORRIBLE experience with one of the WORST GIRLS in the last 10 years I felt it was important to warn my fellow shooters. I only wish the people before me that had BAD experiences(which I found out today there are quite a few like Vic @Brazzers video) would of posted days ago so I could have cancelled her.

Anyway, my first warning of trouble was when I asked Angel what other types of surgeries besides her obvious overdone Blown-out snap-on Tits she has had, her answer was “She couldn’t talk about it because of a pending lawsuit and she had to have her lips x-rayed for some court case,” thats when I knew this shoot was doomed.

Other porners back up Stoney’s comments.

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