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STOP Holding onto Anger and Fear! Brian Begin Shows How in New FEARLESS Blog Post

In a brand-new FEARLESS blog post, success and empowerment coach Brian Begin explains how men often feel trapped by anger and fear, and how to easily let go of them in ‘How to Release All Emotions’ at

Releasing, also known as Letting Go or Allowing, is a focused meditative practice of processing stuck emotions, past experiences, limiting beliefs and other emotional baggage that is central to the work done in all FEARLESS intensive workshops.

“I didn’t used to talk a lot about things like releasing publicly, because it’s pretty advanced stuff… it can be perceived as a little ‘woo-woo’ at first glance, and I wasn’t sure our audience – outside of established clients – would be into it,” says Begin.

“But meditation is gaining mainstream attention these days, and when I tested it out a little on our YouTube channel, guys absolutely loved it, so I’m putting more of it out there on our website now because it’s such a transformative part of what we really do in our intensives.”

Begin’s blog post simply outlines the basics of the company’s take on simple emotion releasing that readers can start using in their own lives as they follow along and use the techniques in their everyday lives.

“As Brian says in the post, emotional blocks are really the main thing slowing people down and holding them back in life, and this process can really help you finally drop a lot of things that are weighing you down,” adds Begin’s FEARLESS partner Dave Stultz.

“It helped one of our clients, Aubin, go from making $38k a year to $250k in a year and a half. He always had the talent and intelligence, but when he left his corporate gig, his fears and beliefs about creating financial freedom on his own were keeping him small until he dove into this emotional work.”

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