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Stormy Daniels Wants To Electrocute Little Kids

I used my CNN powers to spin that tweet Stormy, who was getting less than 5 GS to feature PRIOR to Trumps presidency, has become an expert in politics as well as wall building.

Not gonna get into the claims of the professional protesters video, I’ve seen versions that support both sides.

This post is really just a way for me to talk about how much of a stupid cunt bag Stormy is. Trust me when I say, every morning when Stormy wakes up she thanks whatever God she believes in that Trump is President. If he weren’t, she would still be directing for cheap and her lets hang out and hula hoop rate would be 1/10 of what it is today.

When Trump is no longer President, Stormy will fade away into Grandmaville, shooting MILF porn and dancing at “Joes BBQ and Strip Shack” which is located conveniently by an airport near you.

Good bless the free market

PS Racism on any level is disgusting

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