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Stormy Does Spearmint Rhino

Tod Hunter writes:

I saw Stormy at Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, Calif., last night. I had a chance to talk with her before her show, and she said that she usually doesn’t play L.A. because “people are jaded. They see porn stars all the time.” And she’s right, we do.

She puts on a hell of a show, with costumes and well-planned music, and for her second show she had her people set up a shower on the stage and she got in it, with a strobe light highlighting the drops of water as they cascaded out of the showerhead and hit her body. (Be warned, if you sit ringside you can get some splash. I was a few feet back and I got some water on me, but it was deliberate on her part — her arm was wet and she swung it at the audience.) Then she toweled off — a little — and walked through the audience letting people stick dollar bills on her. A five got a poster, a 20 got a DVD.

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