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Stormy Single ? Looks like she has moved on…

NL-This should all be considered my opinion. I happen to like Stormy & her husband.  If either would like to respond I would love to hear from them.

Being the nice guy he is, Moz has dropped the Domestic Violence charges against his wife Stormy Daniels. And it looks like Moz would like to get back together.

From his myspace,updated today “SD-I would withstand all of hell to hold your hand…”
He still has Stormy as his top friend. HIs status is married.  Moz felt terrible about what happened with Stormy. The last thing he wanted was to get her in trouble and have her shown in a negative way on the national news. Moz took a trip to get away from all his hearbreak, he’s been out of the country for a week or so and just returned this afternoon, and he’s exhausted. We’ll see if he has more to say once he recovers.


Stormy has been traveling also.  She’s been to several rock concerts all over the states. She’s spent a lot of time with her beloved horse, Bailey (beautiful horse) and she has been in the company of someone she calls “Drummer Boy. She celebrated his birthday with him in Jamaica. Here they are with the horses-

In the below picture Stormy captions it ” Drummer Boy Giving Ebbe a bubble Bath=The sexiest thing EVER! LOL”

Hollywood Undead has been mentioned as the  band “Drummer Boy” plays for, but I have never heard of the group, so here is a close up of him, maybe you guys can tell me his name.

Stormy has changed her myspace page to Single.

What ever happens, I really wish the best for both Stormy & Moz.




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