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Stoya Exclusive Interview by Pepe

Interview with Stoya by Pepe of

Photo of Stoya from Digital Playground’s Perfect Picture

What does Stoya decide to come back to the adult business after this long break?
I actually did not get to leave. Pesky legal things like contracts can make that difficult.

You are back to work as I read. Are you eager to be back on sets with DP and pushing the product you performed with them. Are you happy with you return?
I really have an issue with this phrase ”back to work”. I never left, therefore there is no ”back”. As far as continuing to push the product that I have starred in for Digital Playground and working on new projects, yes. I derive much of my satisfaction in life from feeling like I’m doing my job as well as I personally can, and do my best to make sure that the projects I work on are going to be as good as possible and exposed to as many people as possible. Since exposure is kind of a big part of this industry and all.

I read some interesting paragraph in your blog, you said “Not so as a public persona in the internet age. Anything I say or do will be taken out of context and thrown back in my face, or used to perpetuate the stereotype of completely vapid and mentally useless porn stars. My personal life will be found out, inaccurately reported, and used to make money for absolute strangers. This is the only thing I’ve encountered during my time in the adult industry that makes me feel like a whore.”
Those couple things are really true, your personal can be used for make money for strangers and on the second some porn stars are vapid and mentally useless, why that couple of things are so often common in the adult industry?
Yes, like the music and movie industries, the personal lives of stars in the porn business are twisted and used for the profit of production companies and journalists. Fun. Mussolini started out as a journalist. As far as the stereotype that all pornstars are vapid and mentally useless, well… it’s a very easy story to write. Much easier than writing a balanced article portraying the person in question as a whole and multi-faceted functional human being.

You are now ready for working hard for Digital Playground again, did you notice many changes since you were in the company?
There’ve been quite a few staff changes. More importantly, I spent the past year around some very professional and successful people in other parts of the entertainment industry and learned a lot about how the system works, what the motivations of the production companies are, and how to better get what I want out of my dealings with them.

Since you did your break in DP there were some new girls now working for them. Jannie Summers, Raven Alexis, Kayden Kross recently Selena Rose, Jannie Summers left the company but Raven, Kayden and Selena are new contracts in DP, Do you like any of them in special?
I’ve always liked Kayden.

Do you really think if your dentist could see some of your blow job clips and never allowed you to sit in his chair again?

You misunderstand the point there. The point was that the camera gets so close in such high definition that the dentist could probably do my exam from the video and save me the trouble of coming down to his office.

Do you have some new films for shooting with DP in a future; can you tell us about them?
I haven’t shot them yet, so no. I wouldn’t want to say something in an interview and have it change before the things get shot.

Does Stoya watch porn normally?
No. The only porn I had watched before entering the adult industry was John Stagliano’s ‘The Fashionistas’ and the only ones I really watch now are my own movies from Digital Playground so I can see how things like the makeup turned out in the final product and better know what to ask to have changed for the next shoot.

What are your hobbies?
In my increasingly rare free time I read and sew.

Are you in love now?
At least in the English language we have only the one word ‘love’ to describe so many different feelings and situations.

I know you were in Spain some years ago…Would you like mind come to visit Spain again?
I would love to visit Barcelona again. Madrid was not so exciting compared to Barcelona, but they do have this delicious thing called Parthabe I think? Mmm…

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