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Stoya- Exclusive Revealing Interview-Her Mom, Schooling, Interracial, Marilyn Manson

©Xcitement Magazine 2011 Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground  Interview by Cindi Loftus


Authentic, genuine, outspoken, confident, funny and just a happy person, Stoya is as smart as she is beautiful. She’s a unique individual, and a blast to interview. The Digital Playground contract girl was very open to answering anything I asked, even the personal stuff she usually avoids. We spoke about her upbringing, her sex scenes, her giggle, and so much more…

 Xcitement: I’m so happy to talk to you. We have never met or talked before, so I am a Stoya virgin.

S: (Laughs) Oh boy.

X: I’ll start off by telling you that the one thing that I really love about your scenes is you are always happy and smiling and laughing in them. 

S: That is because I refuse to do scenes that I’m not excited about. Before I agree to do a scene with someone I want to meet them. Or if I meet someone at AVN or at a signing I will tell the production team that I really want to work with them and they will see if they can make it happen. Or they will tell me who is cast in the roles of a movie and ask me who I would like to work with.  I think it is very hard to fake sex. Sometimes we do two scenes in one day, we don’t have months to get to know each other, so we have to work with the best scenario possible if you are going to get a really good scene.

X: What an awesome job, to be able to say, when I have to fuck somebody next month, can you please get this person. (Laughs)

S: (Laughs) I think that is the only way that I would want to do it because I like my sexuality and it’s one thing to work with a company and see these are the things I want to do, and you want to film them so let’s create the best scenario possible and I just don’t have it in me to say yes I will have sex with this person who I have never met and whether it is fun or not I will pretend it is.

X: You are authentic. How old are you?

S: Twenty-four.

X: You have amazing confidence for a twenty-four year old.

S: I am actually going to do something that I usually avoid, which is I will discuss my background.

X: Yah!

S: I was home-schooled and my mother was hard-core seventies feminist. She was born and raised in New York and I don’t know if she was there the day the feminists threw their bras and girdles and high heels in the trash can outside of the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, but she ran with that crew and protested with them in the streets, when street protesting was dangerous, for the right to abortion. She fought for women’s rights to be women when they needed to be fought for. Being home-schooled I never came into contact with anything that would negate what I was being raised with, which was the attitude that I am a woman I can do anything I want too, and anything I want to with my body. If I don’t want to do something with my body, than nobody should make me. Because she fought so hard, I was just raised with that as a birthright.

X: That’s amazing.

S: It really is. I didn’t realize until a few years ago, when I started to get out into the real world. When I started doing hardcore porn in Los Angeles and started coming into contact with the real world, it was like my god these people suck! (Laughs) What do you mean that you don’t understand that I am intrinsically a human being and I have rights and if you are going to talk down to me because I am a woman, what is wrong with you?

X: Most people, male or female, don’t have the confidence to say what they want and when they want it and expect it to be done. That’s terrific that your mom raised you that way.

S: On the flip side man, I was a bitch when I was younger. (Cracks up) What do you mean you don’t want to do what I want you to do, go fuck yourself!

X: It’s not often that fans describe a porn star as being sexy because of their intellect, but that is how many described you.

S: Oh wow!

X: You are funny and quirky. That is one of the things that Kayden said about you when I talked to her last week…

S: I LOVE her.

X: She loves you too because I asked her who her favorite DP girl was and she said. “Stoya, she’s quirky, she’s fun, she’s funny, and she’s smart.” So it’s a mutual admiration society.

S: If we both didn’t love cock so much I would throw her over my shoulder and drag her to Massachusetts, or where ever gay people can get married now.

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