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Stoya’s Dad Apalled Over Pornstar Daughter

This is Stoya… And her father is PISSED!

As bad as that headline may seem, it doesn’t even convey the actual truth behind the adult performer (Stoya)’s story. It must be tough as a parent to know your once lovable, caring, mild mannered bundle of joy is now on her knees taking thick ropes of go0 to her face; yes, that’s one side of the spectrum. But that’s not even the direction this story is heading…

What If I Told You, Get Ready For A Shitload Of Memes!


This story takes a funny twist which might make any pornstar shout WTF at the top of their lungs! – For you see, it’s not the fact that Stoya’s father is concerned about the wellbeing of his cumdumpster daughter, oh no… It’s the fact that he can’t WACK OFF without seeing his daughter popping up all over the XXX side of the interwebs! That’s what has him fuming!

Stoya’s Dad Wants To Wack In Peace!!!


Imagine Stoya’s mindstate knowing her father is sitting in front of a computer, pants around his ankles, chokin’ dat chicken as she devilishly pops up in a fleshlight advertisement, pussy spread, burning her fathers eyes out of his skull?? AWKWARD! (BTW, here’s a helpful review on Stoya’s fleshlight, if any dude is interested lol)



Anyway, the Huffington Post caught up with Stoya and interviewed her for a whole 24 minutes (about the length of our exclusive HD vids!) where she goes into detail about her dad (at the 10:44 mark) and much more! Check it out here, it’s rather intriguing:


Finally, if interviews aren’t your thing – here’s some sexy Stoya .gifs to tide you over. Take THAT, daddy!


Badluck Stoya’s Dad lol


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