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Streamate Models – Review & Analysis [Make $2,000/week] (2019)

This article will cover comprehensive details on how to become a streamate model, and how becoming streamate models will be the best decision of your life.

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Streamate Models

Streamate is a webcam camming network, and by signing up on Streamate as a camgirl, you can make money. By doing live webcam video chat with your customer, you can make easy cash fro yourself from the comfort of your home

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How to become a streamate webcam model?

Joining to Streamate models is very simple.

Just go to their website and fill the form and you are good to go​

How much model do Streamate models make?

The per minute rate is decided by you, so the exact figure of amount is hard to tell. There are several advantages of becoming a streamate model:

  • Models are not charged for customers Charge backs or declines
  • Profile of Stremate models are showed on hundreds of various websites at a time and hence the possibility of making more money automatically increases

The profit figures that are shared on the websites reflect somewhere in the range of $200 – $10,000/week. Obviously so many factors decide the exact revenue you make. So work hard and become popular and make a huge fan base to make insane cash on streamate.

Requirements before joining Streamate?

The requirement are simple and very basic

  • Computer/Laptop: You need a high-performance computer or laptop. Stremate software is heavy and hence you will need to upgrade you Windows PC to a better specs in order to stream correctly
  • HD webcam: Do no compromise on this step. The camming competition is huge and you would not want to miss out with a cheap webcam. Buy a HD quality Webcam
  • High Speed Internet: Since you will be streaming in HD, you need to have a very high speed internet so that there is no lag or disturbance. 
  • ID and Photos: You will be required to upload one ID (licence, passport etc) along with a photo while you register on Streamate

How to withdraw money ?

Stremate processed weekly payments. There are various ways to request payment as a stremate model:

  • Check (FedEx and Regular mail)
  • Payoneer (Global Bank Transfer)
  • Prepaid Mastercard

I am new to camming , how can i become successful camgirl?

For girls like you we have shared our enormous and highly actionable guide on becoming a popular camgirl in just 2 months, check it out: Become webcam model

How to make more money on Streamate?

There are hundreds of ways to drive customers to your room and sell your stuff. Read all the guides mentioned on this site, also the become camgirl link mentioned above. is more than enough t help you become a successful streamate model. If you need more guidance you can always email me at [email protected]

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