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Streamate Tea Time Explores ‘Communicating With Confidence’

Tea Time

Livestream entertainment giant Streamate ( is pleased to announce the next session of Tea Time for content creators happening today at 11 am PST.

Tea Time is for all content creators, not just creators in the adult space. The monthly series starts in January with an overwhelmingly positive response. Tea Time explores a wide range of topics related to business, lifestyle, health, and beyond. Guest speakers will include performers, creators, experts, and community activists who will share their wisdom and experiences through spirited yet relatable roundtable conversations.

This week’s session of Tea Time will explore “Communicating with Confidence” – A Group Communication Exercise to Better Navigate Online Exchanges. As a performer or public persona, all or most of their business is online; part of their day-to-day routine will likely include interacting with individuals over messages, comments, and for some, live broadcasts. In this real-time exercise, a group of community volunteers will respond to scenarios that may be commonly encountered online. Peer Guides will lend their commentary, support, and additional insights. Through this live demonstration, attendees will gain perspective and deeper insights into how effective communication with clients or peers helps achieve positive end results.

“Communication is a crucial component to any healthy relationship- be it personal or professional. Communicating with people online can be even trickier: it’s easy to miss- or misinterpret all of these little nuances when you don’t actually know someone, which is all the more reason why effective communication is key to getting your message across and being understood. Even as an adult, I find that many struggle to communicate their wants, needs, and boundaries, inevitably leading to frustration. So, I think this is a topic that can be beneficial for just about anyone- whether they’re looking for ways to communicate more clearly or just need support from peers who can relate to their experiences. I can’t wait to dive deep into ‘Communicating with Confidence,’ and learning how others in the business have maneuvered through complex situations with both grace and diplomacy.” said Vanessa Eve, Streamate, Director North American Talent Division

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