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Stripchat Models Talk Proper Etiquette in Chat Rooms

Premier adult cam community asked its top performers about user behavior in private rooms, and nearly all agreed: many clients could use a refresher course in online etiquette with the models.

“I see a lot of people in a day, and most of my clients are perfect gentlemen,” says a Stripchat model who prefers to remain anonymous. “But there are those that forget that you are a human being with feelings and that can be an issue with me.

“Body shaming is a big NO. If you don’t like what I am doing or feel I could work on myself, do me a favor and go find someone else that’s more to your liking. I take good care of my body and pride in my job performance, but there is always some guy who feels that criticizing me is helpful. It’s not. Don’t do it.”Stripchat

Another Stripchat model from Washington gave a similar answer, but added that “we are far more accommodating to clients’ requests when they tip graciously. Coming in to a room and bossing me around can be kind of hot, but you’ll get a lot farther with tips.”

A third performer brought up client requests: “I’m pretty clear in my profile what I enjoy and what I will do, but I still get people coming in and asking me to do something that I am not comfortable with. I would ask that if you want a specific performance and I don’t mention that I do this sort of thing, it’s probably best to seek out someone who will.

“I want to work with you and make you happy, especially in a private show, but there are some things I don’t do, so please be respectful and don’t ask me. Otherwise you run the risk of making the situation uncomfortable, and that’s the last thing I want have happen with a valued client.”

Above all, Stripchat models agree that by simply being genuine, friendly and courteous, they’re more likely to give their customers top-level service with enthusiasm. “We’re in the business of showing our clients a good time, and positive reinforcement definitely goes a long way with us… and of course, good tips!”

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