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Stripped: The Ladies of Mad Men

Suit up.

Mad Men returns this Sunday and what better way to warm up for the gigantic two hour premier then with steamy hot photos, courtesy of their smoking hot female cast.

January Jones
The Ex-Mrs. Don Draper is like a ticking time-bomb on the show, but a hot mess can be sexy too. She’s like a living Barbie doll dream with all the right parts intact.

Christina Hendricks
The sexiest secretary hugest rack on television also happens to belong to the hottest woman on television, Joan Holloway. Remember when they popped out and leaked all naked and wonderful on-line? They’re not naked in this gallery, still doesn’t change how fucking HUGE they are!

Elisabeth Moss
The good girl in the office, and sad to say, sort of plain. She certainly surprised us with this photo shoot from ‘Page Six’.

Jessica Pare
Don Draper bones all of his secretaries. This girl plays the newest one. When last we left off methinks he was going to marry her. Does that mean we’re going to see her gigantic naked stacks on the show? Here they are in Hot Tub Time Machine!

..and wouldn’t you know, Alison Brie!
Blink and you would have missed her as Pete Campbell’s well-to-do wifey. Brie has been spending the long hiatus between episodes doing things like Community and getting ‘real’ for the photogs. Check out her all-kinds-of-hot, right here.

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