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Stripper Sues Priest for Child Support…

What a beautiful Love Story- The Stripper, The Priest, The Baby & the Restraining Order, oh and the Payoff…

Only in Miami…

Beatrice Hernandez worked as a dancer at Porky’s Strip club and fell for a customer named David Dueppen. They started an affair, moved in together and made their happy life together. Problem was that  Dueppen was a working Catholic Priest!

 After the on again off again affair broke up in 2006 over “sexual differences” (According to the Miami Herald)  The Archdiocese paid Hernandez a settlement of $60,000. But the story doesn’t end the usual way with the Catholic Church paying off for their priests sins to be absolved.

Hernandez & Dueppen got back together for a short tryst resulting in Baby girl Marilyn.

Fights between them escalated which lead  Hernandez to  file a restraining order and sue Dueppen for child support. The hearing on this issue is today in Miami-Dade Family court.

I wonder if  Catholic priests pay their own child support or if the church pays that too?

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