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Stuart Wall’s Birthday Party At Forbidden City Sunday

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Video of my Gwen Diamond Interview Ryder Skye Interview Mofo Interview

Gwen Diamond says she acted in such Shakespearian plays as Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Luke: “Why do you like them?”

Gwen: “Because I can understand what they’re saying.”

“I read a 575-page book in one day two weeks ago.”

Luke: “What book?”

Gwen: “Jenna Jameson’s autobiography.”

“I read a lot and write and go to school.”

“Who hasn’t been raped in this industry?”

“I make more money than my boyfriends.”

“Thirty percent of my money after taxes I’ve put away. I’m buying a house in Kansas City where I’m from.”

Ryder Skye (half Japanese) looks like Jenna Jameson. She has the same facial structure and petite body with big breasts.

Ryder, who lost her virginity at 16, has done six scenes.

She says that her two years as a stripper negatively affected her view of men. “It’s so easy to manipulate men.”

“When it comes to my dancing, I never hustle.”

“I love performing. I love attention. Generally, I love people.”

Rexy claims a bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

Her family knows about her stripping career but they don’t yet know about her porn work.

At age 18, Rexy got breast implants, moving from an A-cup to a C-cup (her mom got implants at the same time). Two years ago, she moved to a D-cup.

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