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Stuck in the Friend Zone?

Even though many will deny, most people really want to find true and unconditional love. To experience love is one of the greatest treasures in life. It’s not fun to travel this journey called life alone. So, if you can meet someone who loves you deeply, consider yourself a lucky one. At the same time, finding that true love can often prove to be difficult. A lot of people kiss a lot of frogs before they find the right person. Additionally, it can be easy to get put into the friend zone when you’re a certain type of guy. While it may not be fair, there are a few ways you’ll have to fight to get out of the friend zone. If you find that a lot of women put you in the friend zone, chances are you might be doing something that places you there to begin with. Don’t be discouraged though. There are ways to combat that, find your true love and enjoy a fruitful love life. Take a closer look at these five areas and consider this the guys guide on how to get out of the friend zone.

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1. Confidence
Women love a confident man. Above all else, if you exude a sense of confidence, you’ll immediately put yourself in the space of being a contender. Work on your posture. Stand tall with your shoulders back. Even when you’re the shortest person in the room, you can appear like the tallest with a healthy dose of confidence. Smile and greet people. Speak clearly and eloquently. Learn the art of small talk. Only a confident man can walk into a room and start up a conversation with a stranger. As you practice this skill and continue to develop it, you’ll become more and more confident.

2. Looks
Ironically, with most women, looks aren’t everything. As long as a man looks groomed, clean and presentable, most women will overlook some shortcomings. When it comes to looks, it’s best to really work with what you have. Go to the barber once a week to make sure your cut stays clean. Visit the dentist and take care of crooked teeth or bad breath. Practice good hygiene by bathing and brushing your teeth regularly. If you’re not in shape, work out and get back into shape. Instead of drinking tons of soda all day, choose water to cleanse the inside and get rid of impurities. Turn these gradual steps into lifestyle changes and your appearance will improve.

3. Mystique/Unavailability
Most women can’t stand a man who seems available all the time. It’s not that they don’t want someone who’s at their beck and call, but there’s at the same time, they don’t want to know that you’re always available. It communicates that you don’t have a life and your world only revolves around them. That can feel suffocating. What you can do is work on making sure that you’re available in the time of emergency, but always make sure to have your own life, dreams, passions and goals. When you live your life passionately, you’ll find a woman who loves that and wants to walk alongside you on that journey.

4. Intention
If you’re interested in a woman, be intentional about making sure she’s aware of this. You can do this through focusing your attention on her when she’s in the room. You should pay attention to the things she likes and take note of that. You can do your best to prove yourself as a caring potential partner. When you show her that you’re intentional about doing things that will make her happy and keep a smile on her face, you’re more likely to win her over. The right girl won’t be able to resist the genuine admiration of a man who’s really into her.

5. Clarity
Make your affections clear after a while. Don’t share your interest two days after meeting her. It’ll come off as weird and aggressive. Instead, drop hints. However, after a few weeks of hanging out, you’ll want to be clear about your intentions. Have a conversation and find out where she stands. If you don’t a little bit of clarity, it’ll be easier to slip into the friend zone where all you do is hang out and nothing more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same holds true for the person you are right now. Who you are wasn’t built overnight. It came with experiences, life lessons and struggles. But, you can take what you’ve learned today and use these tips to help you build a better future in your love life. Be patient with yourself and know that the right one will come at the right time.

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