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Stunning Summer Gets it off her Chest…

Stunning Summer writes on her blog

Something to get off my chest.

OK when there is a dude who continues to annoy so many girls in the adult industry. He uses myspace to drive girls up the damn wall. he is now on many girls DO NOT BOOK me with list…

He then proceeds to continue to text chicks acting like he can get them jobs. he has no clout in this biz. And he acts like he knows all these ballers. NBA , NFL…ect….

Pain in the ass….. If this sucker didn’t know. I know so many MLB.NFL< NHL..and PGA players…They are just like everyone else….< me hook to fool  little some need don?t stupid…I PGA….but>

My name , my number is out there. So what is it that a car-less job-less pot head got to offer me…..

And as a small little fricking child that he is. he then proceeds to text shitty messages back….

Dude grow the fuck up…All three of my kids could fuck you up….As for me…

I have my grind, I am pretty fucking happy with my shine…And I really don’t need people who rent a room, and has to beg to fuck some of the industries finest….to do me favors….

I’m positive the only favor thios fool could do for me is go to Party center and pick up a party favor…

I work my own jelly…So KEN….

get over it…Most bitches here are fucking annoyed and talk about you…NOT IN A GOOD WAY!

I don’t use agencies, managers and any other creepy individuals that want to ride my pussy….for free….

(NL- nope, I have no idea what she is talking about, thought maybe you guys would)

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