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Stunning Summer is a hockey mom, just like Sarah

As Americans We should be insulted

by Stunning Summer from her myspace blog

Ok please…..

As the people who watch many animal planet shows should know some snow seals eat there own young…..


And that makes me sad…..

As I grew up a second generation catholic girl. Raised by repuplican family. My thinking has always been to question authority…I(lol) like you should be surprised.

So as I have always voted for what I thought was best for America not a fucking party line…..

I am dissapointed in the republicans this year.

As a feminism who grew up with white only restraunts and peering out windows seeing black only signs…I seen title one sports program come to play. As a girl I could not play sports like boys before that.

I have seen manyuinjustice to color,religion,and sexual orientation all my life.

My dream as a young girl was to see that all that would never be a consideration in a job,a marriage or any thing else….

And then the world biggest thing after a man walking on the moon occured. A black man is the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA……

But after all this glory like the Romans concuring nations one by one. ( BTW) Many other nations compare us with.

We have a party who can’t except defeat with pride and glory and a strong resolution that they faught the pridefull fight to be so very proud of. The Repulican party now wants to be like the seals…Eat Sarah from Alaska.

I am alot like Sarah. A hockey mom. A mother faced with a teenage daughter pregnant. A son who proudly served the USA as a fire fighter in the Air Force. Yes He served in Afghanistan. He was proud to except to be a color guard to load many C17’s full of dead boys even younger then him on thet last journy home.

The only differnece is . The party of past…The Ronald Reagan Repulican Party is long gone. Success and acheivement for all is gone. The self centered and errogent party is here…

I for the first generation changed parties. I HAVE BEEN PROUD TO VOTE THE FIRST TIME FOR  RR. ( 2ND TERM)

I pride myself to vote for Clinton as a republican both times. I was diddalusioned with Bush Jr he is not his dad…….

And now the complete party…A embarrassment….

I am not stupid…Sarah is raised by two school teachers….

Weather from Alsaka or Boston  she would know the difference between a county or a continent…. And to blsae her for the loss to Barack…. Kiss my ass…..

For all of John Mc Cains people…Blow me… I think Sarah like myself also a hockey mom is not ready to be a vice president….But Mc cain and the Republican party pimped MISS. Sarah Palin and her beautiful family….

I ask all my fans as Americans not to be fooled by trick ass motha [email protected] anymore. Stand up…Be the next Rosa Parks…Be the next person to stand for what you belive…Question authority..Question what you feel is not right…..

And don’t belive for a minute that Sarah lost the presidency…Borack WON  the highest job in the land of what is supposed to be a country for freedom, free speech and allows you and your kids to say and do as they wish….

If you loose that perspective….

Then We will all be somebody’s bitches again….


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