Stupidity No Longer Newsworthy?:

Stupidity No Longer Newsworthy?:

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I was complaining that its gettin harder and harder to keep this site interesting. I’m not a paid shill for Rob Black like Gene Ross at AdultFYI, nor do I get my stories primarily from Fark.com like they do. I don’t run press releases and insustry fluff like AVN, I don’t pay my writers so I can’t get the likes of David Aaron Clark and Ron Sullivan, although Tim Case does sometimes write for me.

When i write here it’s usually because I felt the need to vent about something or I found something I thought y’all might find interesting, or even humorous. I try to keep the topics related to either myself or porn.

Anyhoo I was complaining that porners are more careful now days because so many people like me and Luke Ford have ears everywhere, this person told me I was wrong, that porners still did all the same stupid shit they always did but that its just no longer considered newsworthy, Hmmmm….might have a point there.

Lets take some stories I stumbled on over the last 24 hours.

Matt Zane is going to perform while being hung from a meathook tomorrow night, I mean this is absurd to begin with, does his being hung by a meathook make him a better singer? can he do falsetto better? or is the whole meathook thing a reflection of the fact that he maybe feels like a peice of meat? Matt Zane was breifly in porn, his fathers company Zane had twice filed bankruptcy but Matt has the distinction of being the one to run it completely into the ground, maybe that somehow makes sense of all this.

Will Matts cousin Rob Black be at the show?

Wankus over at KSEX is helping promote this and put the kabosh on a hilarious skit by one of his hosts Harry Weiss, Harry was going to interview a piece of meat on a hook tonight on his KSEX show. Wankus somehow felt that Harry’s interview was inappropriate…I guess caterwauling while hanging from hooks embedded into your back is KSEX idea of serious performance art, maybe I’m just not an artist. Personally I think Harry’s interview was far better as comedic art and showed far more creativity, but what do I know?

In other news KSEX and Wankus are upset that some hooker in the L A Xpress is using Tera’s picture and name and trying to pass herself off as Tera. Wankus rails that Tera doesn’t hook….well maybe she doesn’t but she certainly DID, a quick search on bigdoggie or TER would turn up verification of that.

Hell even Wankus partner Gene Ross whores himself out to the likes of Rob Black as was exposed here a couple of weeks ago.

As JimmyD says this biz is full of whores….it’s what we do….

AVN gave Ron Sullivan aka Henri Pachard an ulitmatum, quit writing for adultbeat or quit writing for avninsider. shit that one was easy, adultbeat PAYS their columnists, AVN Insider does not, result….follow the money baby….I wouldn’t write for AVN Insider for free either, and they just lost the only reason I ever read the site, well Ron and David Aaron Clark, whom I would be thrilled to offer a much wider audience and I will double what AVNInsider pays him, plus he could still write for anyone he wants.

How about it DAC?

At the time I thought these stories weren’t interesting, maybe I’m wrong…what do you think?

I Usually Report on Porners who are Fucking Up or Being Publicly Stupid But This Time It’s Different:

I want to PUBLICLY thank Christian Mann, Owner of Video Team for helping me finally get paid on the Lil John thing I shot. He didn’t have to but he put his foot down and demanded that they see to it that the right thing was done and yesterday I actually got paid in full. In my opinion this was a stand up thing for Christian to do and it actually made me feel good that there are some people in this business with a degree of honor and itegrity and Christian Mann is one of them. I owe him a huge thank you for sticking up for me!

Thank You!

Top Ten List Why 14 year olds in California Should Not Be Allowed to Vote:

10. The only 14 year olds who can read the ballot are asian.

9. It might distract them from important subjects like gang warfare and drive by shootings

8. If you are under 30 and not a liberal you dont have a heart, if you are over 30 and not a conservative you dont have a head.

7. Do you really want 14 year olds deciding how your money is spent?

6. Justin Timberlake and Beyounce would become viable candidates

5. Imagine the election ads that would be run during Saturday Morning Cartoons

4. Democrats busing children to polling places

3. You must have a license to put a worm on a hook and fish but any moron can cast a ballot.

2. Last I checked teenage suffrage wasn’t exactly high on the publics list of major problems with California

1. On second thought how much worse could they do?

In the Bonehead Idea of the Century Award Category:

Four California Democrats ( no surprise there ) have drafted a bill that would give children as young as 14 the right to vote. I smell a top Ten List Harry Weiss.

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