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Sugar Daddies

Choker writes on GFY: “Hot women are attracted to both MONEY and Power, money equals power. I have a ad on that site but never check the email. I have dated and fucked several girls from sugar daddy sites. I’m 41, think a 19 year old college girl is gonna take a second look at me? NO, but having money opens the door and wets the pussy. Last 2 years I have fucked like 20 or so different girls from sd sites, some were models, most were just hot college girls needing someone to help them out. Not to mention the 7 threesomes I have had in last 2 years. Funny thing is my current girlfriend who is 23 I met off Yahoo personals, not a sugar daddy site.”

Jan writes: “Attached you will find a screen cap of Bree Olson’s sugar daddy ad. I have been told that she escorted before getting into porn. She also has a “companion” ad on sexxyjobs.”

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