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Sunny Lane goes Brothel shopping with Dennis Hof

NL-I watched the whole story on an ABC news program which showed Dennis Hof and Sunny Lane riding around in a limo and deciding where they would like to build his next brothel. He’s looking in Reno. But could  old town in Vegas be next ? Down the street from Binions? Here’s a shortened version of the story, and if you click the link there is also a video clip of the show.

Rough Recession Tests Brothel Boundaries
‘The Business Is There’: Brothel Owner Eyes Expansion in Reno and Vegas


To understand just how bad the economy is in Nevada these days, look no further than Dennis Hof and the strange opportunities he sees on the horizon.

Could prostitution become legal in Vegas, Reno just so it could be taxed?

With a porn star named Sunny on his arm, Nevada’s most famous brothel owner was on a shopping spree, looking to pick up a newly shut down casino in the heart of downtown Reno.

“This is it. I love this place,” Hof said as he exited his limo. “Look at this. We could put right up here ‘Sunny Lane Appearing.’”

“Yes, I love it!” Sunny said.

Hof and his Bunny Ranch brothel are the stars of HBO’s hit “Cathouse,” a reality show set in America’s most-famous legal brothel.

“You’re on the biggest street in Reno,” he said from the limo. “You’re on Virginia Street. This is where all of the hotels are, where all of the casinos are. And this is where we need to be. This is where the Bunny Ranch needs to be stationed.”

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