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Sunny Leone Left LA Direct?, or LA Direct said no more Sunny Leone?

From LA Direct News via Darrah at PornStarBabylon

Contrary to the press report issued by Ms Leone in the last few days, it would not be truthful to say that Ms Leone has departed the agency.

Rather, the agency has found it increasingly difficult to work with the new manager of Ms Leone and had reached the conclusion that things had reached a point at which it might be better for her to seek an alternate agency. This was then communicated to Sunny.

Since Sunny has been a professional of the first order, we of course wish her the very best as she continues in the business, the approximately two years that we worked together having been notable for many reasons, including the Bollywood movie – Pirates Blood and the Fox Reality Show – My Bare Lady 2.

At all times Sunny conducted herself like a model professional, and a real role model for other actresses to emulate.

Direct Models wishes her the best of luck with her new production compan

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