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Sunny Leone the real mainstream darling

Every year our industry gives awards for being a crossover star. Yet surprisingly the one person in our industry who has had massive mainstream success gets overlooked. We awarded Riley Steele who was in a single mainstream B movie. We awarded James Deen who was in a nearly straight to DVD movie with Lindsay Lohan and a fake sex tape with the MTV reality star.

Yet while all that was going on, there was one of us who really is making it big and no I don’t just mean a ten second appearance in some B rated horror flick or by dating a has been drugged out Hollywood bad boy.

Sunny Leone has been blowing up in mainstream and as an industry we haven’t really made much of an effort to take notice.

Porn Star Sunny Leone

Less than a year ago she signed a deal to be the face of an energy drink of Rs 1.5 crore — which works out to be over $300,000 in US dollars. That is in addition to a nearly $1 million dollar payday for a three picture deal she signed AND a lucrative mobile phone endorsement deal as well. And those are only some of the deals that have gone down for Sunny Leone in the past year.

Some people might argue that she’s only getting mega famous over in India so that doesn’t really count. But I disagree with those naysayers.

There are about 314 million people who live in the US and there are 1.237 billion in India – in other words, Sunny Leone has become a real life movie star to 4 times the population of the United States. She’s signing mega endorsement deals.

Let me ask you think … how many porn stars have ever signed a $300,000+ endorsement deal for any product? How many porn stars (ever) have signed a three picture movie deal for $1 million?

Not Jenna Jameson, not Jesse Jane, not Bree Olson, not Ginger Lynn. Not anyone ever in the history of porn can lay claim to the financial mainstream success that Sunny Leone has had.

I could go on but I think by now you all get my point … Sunny Leone is the porn star with the largest success in mainstream in the entire history of our industry.

And I just thought we should all take a moment to give her the respect she deserves for our major success.

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