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Sunny Makin’ like a Bunny at the Ranch!

Porn stars generally fall into three categories if they are doing the legal sex for money in the brothel thing.

1. They are a bit older and have a name you’ve heard of but didn’t make it to the big leagues.

2. They are newbies who made who made 10-30 movies  and will not or have not yet become known. As in you’ve probably never heard of them but they have a movie they can sell you.

3. Girls in any stage of the porn game, without a big name, who need money.


The webmaster at the Bunny Ranch let me know that there are currently three pornstars appearing there-

MILA- “Queen of Nasty” one of the wildest woman of the late 90’s porn.  (#1)

KACEY JORDAN Young ex-cheerleader, been in the biz for less then a year and made a handful of movies. (#2)

& A LIST top star SUNNY LANE– award winning actress, sex performer and just adorable, smart and positive personality bundle of fun with tons of movies under her belt. Sunny fits none of the above categories. She is doing it for love of sex or money, and I think it’s both. She also has a mentor named Ron Jeremy who has taught her to make all the money she can make. As a skillful promoter and marketer that’s what she does. And being a former girlfriend of Dennis Hof ( owner of the Bunny Ranch) makes her feel comfortable being there. I am also sure she commands top dollar and special treatment while hanging at the Brothel. I think Sunny would make it worth your while. I’d pay her if I could afford it, lol. I’d love to know how much her “services” cost. I will ask her next time I talk to her.

Side note-(Sunset Thomas was another big name star that worked at the Bunny Ranch and dated Dennis. I believe Sunset was the first that did it breaking ground and making it okay to  legally fuck for money [without a camera] and help erase the stigma of working at a cat house.)



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