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Suze & Holly On TV

The Fatman posts on XPT:

Suze is quite funny!

“My daughter is Holly Randall, and she’s after my job.”

“We decided to start a website because we wanted to make more money.”

“We’re selling sex, darling.”

“Are you hot for anal, darling?”

Other highlights:

Holly: What do you thing about putting them in a Catholic outfit.
Suze: Catholics, they don’t have co-ed, anyway.
Holly: In porn they do.

<Da Burglar oxygen alert>

Holly: We started looking at a situation where we had to start shooting more hardcore to compete. We had to in order to survive, and that’s something we still kind of struggle with even now because my mom still likes to do the sweeter more soft romantic thing. And I like [while bouncing up and down] the hardcore balls slapping against the ass kind of stuff, you know. So, we fight against that.

Suze: My name’s Suze Randall.
Holly: My name’s Holly Randall, and sex is my business – in fact it’s a family business.
Suze: It’s a very good service to the community I think, don’t you?

[Holly blows kiss; mother/daughter butt bump – Suze wins]

Holly: I took my first photography class when I was 12. Even at that young age I liked shooting women, and I don’t know if that’s just because of the environment I was raised in, or something genetic I got from my mom, who knows?

I enrolled in Brooks Institute, and it’s oriented toward portrait photography, wedding photography, architectural photography – all the shit I hated. And, it was at that exact moment that my parents started our website.

Holly: I can see how from an outside perspective it would seem to be strange to make porn with your mother. But you haven’t met my mother, [laughs] you know. And, I think when people see us together, and they see they way that we interact, and they see the relationship that we have, they see that its a very healthy relationship, and it’s very normal, and we’re very close. 

“Dad” Randall: I hope you take the stockings off.
Holly: Of course I t…
“Dad” Randall: You always leave the stockings on!
Holly: Dad, it’s a “foot fetish” shoot. Of course I took the stockings off.
“Dad” Randall: OK.

Holly: This is the house that I grew up in. We moved here when I was 5 years old. I went to the elementary school across the street. [Holly in the garden] Models did used to come by here but to me they were just pretty girls that I kind of wanted to be like. Alot of people ask the question, “When did you find out what your mom does?,” and I always knew.

Suze: Well, never kept it secret because that would be terrible. I mean if you were ashamed of what you do.

“Dad” Randall”: It’s not an atypical mother/daughter situation. There tends to be quite alot of conflict and competition. But, Holly goes in a different direction. Suze hates to shoot picky stuff like “foot fetish” while Holly delights in that. She’s quite happy with the detail and doesn’t mind at all spending half an hour getting a girl to stick her big toe into a martini glass. That to Holly that would be a great artistic shot. While Suze just wants to get the general atmosphere of sexuality going and shot it, Holly is more into art photography in some ways.

Holly: Sometimes I step back and realize how weird that must sound to other people, but for me it’s totally normal. It makes perfect sense for me to be watching porn with my Dad, or to talk to my Mom over whether a woman was faking her orgasms or not.

Holly: You know I always grew up thinking I was more like my father than my mother, but as I get older I find that I have alot of qualities that I share with my mother.

Suze: I mean as a mother one would like to see them getting Pulitzer Prizes for writing. One doesn’t really want to be doing the same as mama. But, she’ll do what she wants.

Holly: My mom used to tell me I was boring all the time when I was a kid. Whenever I … [imitating her mom] Oh, you’re so boring.

Holly: I like to think that I can charm my way into getting what I want as opposed to fighting my way to get what I want – which is what she does

Holly: It hasn’t been as hard as I guess I thought it would be but, you know, she’s still working, and I guess the real test will come when she actually retires, and I supposedly take all the reins into my hands.

Suze: The industry’s changed alot. It’s very acceptable now. It’s really annoying. Everyone’s trying to look like a porno star.

Holly: Our financial goal is to not go bankrupt. [laughs] It used to be much easier to make a buck doing this but as it’s becoming more mainstream, more and more people are getting into the industry and the competition is growing very fierce. I can only hope that if I do take over one day that I can do half as good a job as my mother did.

Suze: My hopes for Holly are that she’s happy and productive, gets married, has wonderful children that I end up having to look after, just like I look after her dogs. [laughs]

Holly: I very much want to get married, and have 2 or 3 kids, and have a golden retriever with a little white picket fence and go to PTA meetings and take my son to soccer.

Holly: We’re very close as a family, and we’re very much about passing things down generation to generation. So, who knows, maybe one day my kids will get this house and take over my career.

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