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Suzy Mandel & Alfred Zent

Joe emails: 

Dear Luke: Loved your article on the two above. Suzy lived on our property for several years. The only requirement was no drinking & no pills. I could do several scripts on her life & times. Every day with her was a new adventure. She told me then that Alfred was a Diamond Broker and bringing Blood Diamonds into the US. She brought out a bag of red lava looking stones and told me that’s what they were.

Suzy is a sweet lady and I’ll always love her as a dear friend. She’s Bipolar which accounts for her bizarre behavior. She wouldn’t hurt a fly and in fact loves animals and people. She’s very intelligent and wouldn’t knowingly hurt anyone. I’ve seen her give people in need her everything she had with her. She just doesn’t reside on this planet. Suzy has been held on 5150 many times When she left here she ended up in AZ after a period of time in CA from motel to motel.

One night at midnight I got a phone call from Alfred Zent’s number. The man on the other end of the phone told me he was mafia and he was going to kill me. The number was not blocked so I called it back and confronted Zent. He denied doing it and said there were several men and Suzy at his home and it could have been one of them.

Suzy was rejected by her mom and in particular her dad at the beginning of her career and they never forgave her for the embarrassment when she was doing the nudie stuff. I believe in my heart she feels very lost and very lonely from her family’s rejection. I read letters her dad faxed her from England telling her never to come back there to even visit them. Living in a fairy tale world is the only way she can cope with life. There are so many stories I could tell………..

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