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Swat Surrounds House Where Murder Suspect May Be

About an hour ago KTLA reported this story. I can’t find anything saying he has been captured though. If you are in LA please put on the news and keep us updated.

SWAT Surrounds Home, Porn Actor Wanted for Murder May Be Inside

WEST HILLS — A SWAT team from the Los Angeles Police Department has surrounded a home in West Hills, and police believe a man accused of killing a fellow porn actor with a sword at a Van Nuys warehouse last week is inside.

An LAPD official said he believes Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, is inside a house in the 8000 block of Azul Drive.

Police Officer April Harding said a barricade was set up around the home in the West Hills neighborhood about 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Harding says officers have established contact with a man inside, who they believe to be Hill.

Hill is wanted on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder for a slashing attack at the Ultima DVD company’s warehouse near Van Nuys Airport Tuesday night

Police say the Hill, also known by his stage name, “Steve Driver” had been living at the offices of Ultima DVD and was previously told he needed to leave by Tuesday.

He worked there as a web designer and was also a struggling porn actor, officials said.

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