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Sweaty Holly On The Tele

Luke: I bought a nikon d 200
Luke: I just thought this new camera would bring us closer
HollyRandall: i’m going to marry that Ivy Leauge guy
Luke: oh well, i tried
HollyRandall: not that hard
Luke: you can’t blame a nigger for trying
HollyRandall: did you even see my proposal from the Ivy Leauge guy?
Luke: yeah, i feel intimidated by comparison
Luke: i dropped out of college
Luke: you’re a special girl to merit that
HollyRandall: that’s seriously one of the silliest messages i’ve gotten on myspace
HollyRandall: even worse than the guy who recently asked if he could be my slave
HollyRandall: he even said he would be my human footstool
HollyRandall: it’s when he offered to pick up my drycleaning, walk my dog, and water my plants that i seriously considered it
Luke: yuck, what’s new with you aside from that you attract creeps?
HollyRandall: it’s not new, i attracted you
HollyRandall: nothing much is new
HollyRandall: i’m busy as hell
HollyRandall: Entertainment Tonight/Insider is covering my shoot tommorrow
HollyRandall: and it’s going to be up here at the ranch
HollyRandall: and it’s going to be hot as hell so I’ll be red and sweaty for prime-time television
HollyRandall: which is just fantastic
HollyRandall: it’s great that i’ll look like a sweaty pig
Luke: just dont move the lightss etc
Luke: have other do the hard work for you so you dont get sweaty
HollyRandall: i’ll be in the direct sun
HollyRandall: the boys in loincloths who usually fan me down have the week off
Luke: i’d volunteer but the torah says…
HollyRandall: “thou shalt keep Holly cool”
HollyRandall: yeah i know that one
Luke:  i’d rather play chess than have sex
HollyRandall: that’s not a good sign
Luke: do you play chess?
Luke: i bet your dad does
HollyRandall: no i don’t
HollyRandall: my brother does religiously
HollyRandall: my dad can, but doesn’t regularly. I’m in the middle of testing triplets for Playgirl.

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