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Swingfest Swindled, No $ for 2009 convention

In July of 2008 over 10,000 fun loving swingers converged in Hollywood Florida to attend the 4-day alternative lifestyle festival known as SwingFest 2008. But to spite positive response from many of the 2008 attendees and unprecedented media exposure there will be no SwingFest 2009 Convention.

Sources close to the event say that SwingFest, LLC has no funding for the 2009 event since Jason C. Jean, the self-proclaimed ”owner of SwingFest”, was fired for the misappropriation of over $200,000 dollars of company revenue and it is rumored that Mr. Jean has yet to pay his hotel bill for the 2008 convention totaling close to $500,000 dollars!

It is also rumored that Jason Jean is under investigation for the misappropriation of funds in another Swinger related business operating under the name ”Wett 365, LLC.” where Mr. Jean allegedly defrauded couples to invest in a chain of Swingers Clubs that do not exist. Mr. Jean was unavailable for comment about these allegations.

When we contacted Greg Freeman; Marketing Director for the SwingFest 2008 event, he declined to comment on allegations about Mr. Jean but gave some insight to the future of SwingFest. ”We had apprehensions about [Jason Jean] early on but we never thought one man could damage the hard work and support of so many.” said Freeman, ”… as much as the SwingFest staff would like to unveil a bigger and better 2009 convention … without an investor, we just don’t have the funding.” He added, ”… SwingFest 2008 is still in the media spotlight and it’s generating a lot of attention, so if nothing else, we hope the coverage will open up positive discussions about the Swing Lifestyle.”

SwingFest 2008 is currently being featured on VH1 and Playboy TV in addition to recent features on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN, Howard Stern, Playboy Radio, and numerous other media outlets. ”As a marketing guy it just kills me that there isn’t anything we can do with this publicity” said Freeman, ”When the dust settles and all the damage has been assessed we’ll review the possibility of a SwingFest 2010 and in the meantime we’ll be far more selective when choosing business associates.”

Katie Abernathy
[email protected]

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