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Switch Genders With Oculus Rift

In a growing tech world we’ve gotten caught up in, anything seems possible at the touch of a button screen. One exciting new technology that has unlimited potential lies in the Oculus Rift, a 3D headset that can bring new realistic perspective into your otherwise mundane life.

BeAnotherLab has developed this project entitled the “Machine To Be Another”. In other words, we’ve all wondered what it’s like to own the opposite sexes body parts, right? Welp, this is about as close as you can get to fondling your own (make believe) tits, without actually becoming a tranny. Pretty neat! As seen in the video, a male and female stand back to back, wear this awesome piece of technology, sync movements and let each other experience what the other sees.


This is only the beginning of the Machine To Be Another project – the idea is to help the public better understand how people with disabilities and such experience life. This helps promote a sense of empathy in the participant, and hopefully teaches one to be more understanding of the daily struggles people endure. This is all well and good, but honestly, we all know what REALLY needs to be done with this amazing technology:



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