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Sydnee Steele canceled as speaker at NY State Bar Association seminar

I found this on Adultfyi:

WWW- []- On the introduction to her Web site, adult film actress Sydnee Steele poses the question, “Ever wonder what I am doing besides having sex on film?”

Apparently one of the things she was planning to do this summer was to appear at the New York State Bar Association’s Family Law Section Summer Meeting at the exclusive Equinox Hotel in Manchester Village, Vt.

In the brochure for the event – sandwiched between talks on “Powers and Limitations of Powers of the Judiciary” and “How it Works in England: Matrimonial Issues of Common Interest with New York State” – is a talk by Steele titled “Sex and Love – Making Your Time Away From the Office Really Count and How Not to Wind up as One of Your Clients.”

Steele, who has appeared in more than 200 films, is billed as “an internationally published author, speaker and sexual empowerment consultant.”

According to the bar association’s brochure, “She will talk with us about love, intimacy, happier relationships, better sex and teach us how to get everything and then some out of our personal relationships. She will also talk with us about how to avoid becoming one of our clients. This promises to be a fun, educational, provocative and enlightening discussion.”

The photograph of Steele that appears in the brochure is identical to one that appears on one of several Web sites she has on the Internet. Among the films she has appeared in that are for sale are “Sex Offenders 1,” “Finally Legal 2” and “Sinister Secretary.” In a 2006 interview with Adult Video News, a trade magazine, Steele told a reporter she had made her last film in April 2005 and quit the business to become an author and consultant, and published a book titled “Seducing Your Woman.”

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