Sydney Leathers Auctions Excess Skin From Vagina!

So if you haven’t figured out who Sydney Leathers is, and why she’s relevant, let me proceed.

Not only has Sydney Leathers become infamous for “sexting” with former U.S representative and politician  Anthony Wiener (not Monica Lewinsky status yet, but nevertheless), but she landed a nice contract to do porn too.  Oh and that’s not all.

She’s auctioning off the excess skin from her vagina on ebay, since she felt she had “too much going on down there” for the adult film industry.  This is just another case of society’s abusive beliefs of what beauty really looks like.  It rears its ugly head yet again.

So if you feel like placing a bid on the skin, you can go for it, there is no minimum bid, so you never know… You might have a chance of winning this prize.  Personally, if I won, I would use it as a fishing lure.  i just think it works on so many levels.

If you are unfamiliar with the woman herself here are some pics, and of course, I’ve attached the porn she did too.

Oh and if you are interested, the pictures of Anthony Wiener’s dick have been published on the internet, they are out there, feel free to google it, it’ll come up.  Literally.


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