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Sylvaria Speaks with The Daily Beast About Netflix Doc Hot Girls Wanted

Sylvaria Agency Speaks Out on “Hot Girls Wanted” Netflix Documentary in The Daily Beast Profile, “Hot Girls Wanted is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back”

Sylvaria Agency owner Jack Spade spoke with The Daily Beast writer Aurora Snow about the controversial, hot-topic, Netflix documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted,” about how adult entertainment agents are depicted and the misconceptions presented in the movie produced by actress Rashida Jones. (Here is an interview with Rashida Jones did with VICE about her movie Hot Girls Wanted)


From The Daily Beast:  With over a decade of experience in the adult industry, Jack Spade also transitioned from performer to agent, and now operates two licensed agencies: Sylveria and Adult Star Models. Appalled by Hot Girls Wanted, Spade is determined to voice his concerns. “Just a couple of days ago, I had a meeting with some of the other licensed agents and said, ‘What are we going to do about this, guys? Isn’t this on us to step up and show the other side?’ And it was sad because there was almost a sense of helplessness—but I’m not going to give up,” says Spade.

According to Spade, his agency has no qualms about turning a prospective model away for her own good. “Before we buy a model a ticket to fly out here, one of us will talk to them. We get on the phone and ask about her goals. If she says she’s halfway through nursing school, we say don’t do it, it’ll ruin your future. And I don’t think Riley from Hussie Models is doing that,” says Spade. “I don’t think there is a genuine effort put into how this will affect their lives.”

“I’m appalled at the one sided nature of this documentary. Although there are members of the adult industry who do mislead girls into working in this business, there are plenty more reputable, licensed agencies, like Sylvaria, who strive to provide professional and reliable representation for our performers,” say Randy Quintara of Sylvaria. “We only work with established and respectable companies who treat our talent well, as their well-being is ALWAYS our number one priority.”

“Hot Girls Wanted,” follows the lives of a handful of barely-legal, aspiring porn stars living in Florida out of a model house rented by Hussy Models agent and performer, Riley. Snow, a retired adult entertainer, expresses the narrow view of the industry in the documentary, and encourages young women to do their research instead of taking the first offer of a free plane ticket. Other industry experts interviewed by Snow are performer Jenna J. Ross and New Sensations director Jacky St. James.



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 About Sylvaria: Created by industry veteran Jack Spade, Sylvaria is a hot, new adult industry agency specializing in developing today’s talent into tomorrow’s superstars. Sylvaria provides booking services for a select group of performers who aim to go beyond the usual expectations of what being a porn star is in this competitive climate. 


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