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Syren De Mer Exclusive Interview- “I’m definitely a boob girl”


Syren has quickly become a fan favourite at Girlfriends Films. Read the interview and I’m sure you’ll understand why.

1 Can you tell us little about your background?
I’ve been modeling off and on for over 2 decades. The last 6 years has been in the adult business. Before that I was in the swinging lifestyle with
my husband of 15 years.

2 You’ve been a model since you were 18. Last January you did a shoot on Black’s Beach with Rick Garcia and now can’t wait to do another one. Is this because of Rick or the girls you worked with? I’ve known Rick and Daisy Layne for years! Rick is a wonderful and very talented man, and Daisy is a very good friend of mine! Elexis Monroe and I met just about 6 months ago and became fast friends. When Elexis contacted me about doing a shoot with Rick this last January . I said sure!!! Then I contacted Daisy about it. It was a fun day that I would liketo repeat just because we all had a great time, not because of one person or another.

3 You picked Jelena Jensen out for her boobs. Are you more a boob woman or a bottom woman and can you explain your preference?
  I’m definitely a boob girl.

4 Cherie Deville has had sex with 50 women in her personal life. Do you  know how many you’ve had? What do you remember about your first  experience with a girl when you were 22? New Year’s Eve sounds sort of romantic? Since I’m not lesbian, but bi, I’ve only been with a handful of girls in my personal life. I remember everything about that night. My friend and I
went to the club my boyfriend worked at. After the club closed we all went back to his place where she and I experimented and enjoyed each other and after a little while he joined us.

5 Would you consider yourself as a sub or a dom or does this depend on  the circumstances?
It really depends on my partner as to whether I’m a Dom or sub.

6 Would you consider yourself more vanilla or spice or does this also  depend on the circumstances?
With my experience in the BDSM lifestyle, the circumstances will also
dictate if it’s more vanilla or not. I like to keep things varied.

7 What for you is chemistry? What is that special click?
Personality is a big part of it.

8 You’d done mainly hardcore since you came into the industry in 2006  Since 2011 you’ve worked mainly with Girlfriends Films. Why this change?
When Dan and I met at AVN 2011 he liked my eyes and he booked me a couple months later. I enjoyed my scene with Heather Starlet, it had been a whilesince I was with a woman and it re-sparked my love for them and the fans loved it! So, he booked me again a few months after that. Dan and I get along very well and I love working for him!!! I cannot answer, for him, as to why he keeps having me back. But I’m very thankful he has!!!

9 What is it that makes being on GFF sets so much fun for you? Everyone is easygoing and fun. Dan likes to keep it all very realistic so there’s less drama and stress to worry about. You can be yourself.

10 What can you remember about your first scene for GFF?  That I was scared to death. LOL

11 Dan picks the performers you work with. If you could pick 5 girls to explore who would they be and why?  I cannot and will not segregate to just a small list. There are a lot of
women I would LOVE to do a scene with. Reasons for each one are as varied as the women Dan books.

12 A speciality of GFF is older younger pairings. You’ve said you like  young girls as your partners,why? I consider myself greedy and I like all ages! As for the younger girls,
it gives me a chance to be more dominant or the seducer, which does give me a lot of satisfaction. I love being the one who can give my partner multiple
orgasms…it’s very hot to watch them! I also love our scenes because it gives me the excuse to be the “teacher”.

13 You got into the BDSM lifestyle in your late 20’s. What are your favourite fetishes and why? Are their fetishes you’d like to try?
I was about 29-30 when my husband introduced me to the BDSM lifestyle.  One of my favorites is when he uses a flogger on me. I’ve never had a Domme, that would be fun.

14 What’s your favourite sex toy and why?  My Kama Sutra vibrator. It has LOTS of power!

15 Can you tell us about your scene with Abby Darling in the just released Cheer Squad Sleepover? Abby was very open minded…a lot like me…so we took advantage of that

16 What is it you like about interacting with the fans on the GFF Forum and Twitter? I like chatting with my fans, hearing what’s going on with them. I look

at it as they are my new friends, not just fans, and I treat them as such.

17 Where can people find you on the net? You can find me on my site and

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